Kittens Playing

Check out this great video of kittens having a good time with each other. Think about a pair of these little guys for yourself.

About Us

HOME OF THE WILD and wild at heart...


  • Welcome! We are Jean's Legacy Bengals (the name of our cattery,  refers to my mother Jean, who raised Siamese cats for several years) We are one of the few TICA registered Bengal Cat Breeders in Oklahoma. 
  • At Jeans Legacy Bengals, our  foundational  cats are from distinguished and reputable registered cat breeders. In doing so we can continue to provide a lineage of cats that are carefully planned to produce cats that continue and enhance the ALC's native appearance.
  • When I chose Bengals I  didn't quite know the excitement I was in for!  Bengals are very smart animals.  HeBeGeBe (our first Bengal) was extremely athletic, liked water and I was never surprised when I caught him playing with his water bowl by dipping his feet in them or jumping onto the counter wherever water was running or even puddles left after a good rain.  He also told me all about his day on a regular basis.
  • In order to set our cattery apart we send our kittens to their new homes with  up to 30 days of preventative care insurance that we can transfer to you.



Our Bengals are all raised indoors and just like any other family member, they sleep in the bed and have meals when we do.  Sometimes they even have chores!  In this photo HeBeGB is relaxing at my step-fathers feet on guard duty.  

Should you be unable to locate your Bengal, try looking up as I have found IBAGB (IB) on top of our back door, on top of the refrigerator I have even found her on top of the refrigerator door.  Once while in the shower I heard a noise but couldn't find the source until I looked up to see IBAGB (IB) with front feet on the inside of the glass shower door and her back feet on the outside of it!!

Our Bengal Family - Thing 1 and Thing 2 Update!


Thing 1 and Thing 2 are now placed in a wonderful home. Some were concerned that they would be difficult to place together, however they both have a pair of  wonderful care-takers, Brenda and John. They chose to keep them together and to welcome them to their home with new names.  Thing 1's new name is the Sam I am and Thing 2's new name is  Fox with Socks.  Their new human friends grace us with a few photos of the boys in their new home. We provided them with baby pics to complete their collection. It is always great to stay in touch even after they go to their new homes.


Dr. Theo Seuss


  • Dr. Suess is the only kitten we still have from our first two Bengals and has turned out to be a great  all around cat. His father was HeBeGeBe and his mother, SheBeGeBe and no matter what his TICA name is we will always call him (BaBe)GeBe. Yes, we do have better photos of him  which you can see by visiting our Studs Page, however we thought this photo of him in the tree demonstrated his personality much better!



  • UBAGB2 (U2) has given us a new litter.  The last litter was 2 beautiful boys, one marble and one with beautiful horizontal rows of black spots.
  • In the new litter all of the kittens are covered with rosettes. We always love when new kittens arrive because it won't be long until we are all on the floor having some fun. 


Baby kitten 1 fish Seuss and UBAGB2

  • As you can see from the pics above, we now have four new kittens that are ready to begin relationships with their new humans. So if you're looking for your own little piece of the wild, contact us and place your deposit so we can reserve your new playmate today!



  • Well folks here we are again. Kittens will be ready for placement any time now so and if your interested  in your very own piece of the wild give us a call or write us a short note so we can help you find just the right kitten for you.                                                  



  • Look at this lovely face. Isn't this something that you would love to come home to every night. This little fella might reduce your blood pressure the moment you walk through the door. A bengal's warmth and charm is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.